Diamonds Are Forever

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Back In Bondage - James Bond News at

Back In Bondage

On this day in 1971, Sean Connery gave a candid interview to The Guardian about coming back to the 007 role
TV Spots - James Bond News at

TV Spots

'The women are still falling for him' in the TV spot campaign for Sean Connery's return to the role of 007
I Never Read The Novel - James Bond News at

I Never Read The Novel

BBC Television interviewed Sean Connery in 1971 about why he came back to the role of 007 in 'Diamonds Are Forever'
Bond Reclassified - James Bond News at

Bond Reclassified

The 1971 James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever" has been reclassified to a higher certificate by the BBFC
Kicking Bond Where It Hurts - James Bond News at

Kicking Bond Where It Hurts

Dancer, singer and actress Trina Parks reveals how she landed her part in "Diamonds Are Forever" in this interview from the archives
This Is The Only One - James Bond News at

This Is The Only One

As "Diamonds Are Forever" celebrates its 40th anniversary today, MI6 uncovers a rare interview with Sean Connery upon his return
Surviving In Style - James Bond News at

Surviving In Style

Just as filming was wrapping on "Diamonds Are Forever", Bond girl Jill St. John talked about leaving the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle behind
Fan Verdict - James Bond News at

Fan Verdict

Each month, a different James Bond film is selected for review, rating and discussion by the largest online community of 007 fans
All Bets On Bond - James Bond News at

All Bets On Bond

MI6 uncovers a rare interview with Sean Connery on location in Las Vegas for "Diamonds Are Forever" filming in July 1971
Inside Elrod House - James Bond News at

Inside Elrod House

Step inside the Elrod House and discover the rich history behind this remarkable "Diamonds Are Forever" location
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