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Sir George Martin (1926-2016) - James Bond News at

Sir George Martin (1926-2016)

Live And Let Die composer and 'Fifth Beatle' Sir George Martin has died at the age of 90
Geoffrey Holder (1930-2014) - James Bond News at

Geoffrey Holder (1930-2014)

Geoffrey Holder who played the un-killable Baron Samedi in 'Live And Let Die' has passed away aged 84
TV Spots - James Bond News at

TV Spots

It's a matter of life. It's a matter of death. It's the TV spot campaign for Roger Moore's debut outing as James Bond
Casting Call: Gayle Hunnicutt - James Bond News at

Casting Call: Gayle Hunnicutt

American actress Gayle Hunnicutt was the first choice for Solitaire in 'Live And Let Die'
Meet The Press - James Bond News at

Meet The Press

Take a look back at Roger Moore's view on the Bond character and his reaction to succeeding Connery in a 1973 press call for 'Live And Let Die'
Live And Let Die Rehearsal Video - James Bond News at

Live And Let Die Rehearsal Video

Watch Paul McCartney and Wings rehearse a recording of 'Live And Let Die' in this rare video
His Own Bond - James Bond News at

His Own Bond

Roger Moore set out to distinguish himself from his predecessor when promoting 'Live And Let Die' in American newspaper interviews
The Shorts: Live And Let Die - James Bond News at

The Shorts: Live And Let Die

Guest writer Neil McNally examines the anatomy of the 'Live And Let Die' promotional trailer
Trespassers Will Be Eaten - James Bond News at

Trespassers Will Be Eaten

After 'Live And Let Die' called attention to the brave and eccentric Ross Kananga, American newpapers paid the crocodile-keeper a visit
Roger And His Wife - James Bond News at

Roger And His Wife

Published 40 years ago this weekend, Roger Moore and his third wife Luisa talked to the US press to promote 'Live And Let Die'
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