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How do you kill five hours in Rio? MI6 takes an look back at Emily Bolton's character from 'Moonraker'
Christopher Wood (1935-2015) - James Bond News at

Christopher Wood (1935-2015)

The English author and screenwriter of two James Bond films has died aged 79
Moonraker Premiere Video - James Bond News at

Moonraker Premiere Video

Watch rare footage from the Royal World Premiere of 'Moonraker', held in London on 26th June 1979
The Men Who Made Moonraker - James Bond News at

The Men Who Made Moonraker

In the summer of 1979, Ken Adam flew to Washington D.C. to meet the press of the nation's capital and promote 'Moonraker'
Moonraker 35th Anniversary Report - James Bond News at

Moonraker 35th Anniversary Report

Moonraker returned to the big screen in London on October 5th, Adam Bollard reports on the screening and the Q&A with former crewmembers that followed
Richard Kiel (1939-2014) - James Bond News at

Richard Kiel (1939-2014)

American actor Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'Moonraker', has died aged 74
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The theme to Bond's 11th screen outing ranked at 17th place in the MI6 survey of 007 title songs
Moonraker Laser Prop Interview - James Bond News at

Moonraker Laser Prop Interview

Barry Eldridge lifts the lid on the latest prop from Factory Entertainment, Roger Moore's space-laser from 'Moonraker'
Moonraker Laser Prop Replica - James Bond News at

Moonraker Laser Prop Replica

The limited edition Moonraker Laser Gun prop replica is now available to order
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MI6 profiles Bernard Lee, who played 007's superior, "M", for a record 11 consecutive adventures
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