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Movie Mistakes - James Bond News at

Movie Mistakes

Take a look back at some of the more remarkable continuity and factual errors present in the final cut of 'Thunderball'
Martine Beswick Interview - James Bond News at

Martine Beswick Interview

As 'Thunderball' celebrates the 50th anniversary of its UK premiere, Martine Beswick talks about her experiences on the film
007 Chronicles (09-12-65) - James Bond News at

007 Chronicles (09-12-65)

50 years ago this week, 'Thunderball' celebrated its world premiere in Tokyo, Japan
007 Chronicles (16-02-65) - James Bond News at

007 Chronicles (16-02-65)

50 years ago today, principal photography began on the biggest Bond of all - Thunderball
Alternative Music - Thunderball - James Bond News at

Alternative Music - Thunderball

American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash submitted a title song track to producers for the 1965 film 'Thunderball'
Thunderball Watch - James Bond News at

Thunderball Watch

The first watch ever modified by Q-Branch, as used by 007 in 'Thunderball', is to go up for auction this month
Aston Martin DB5 - James Bond News at

Aston Martin DB5

Visit Q-Branch for a briefing on the most famous car in the world and its involvement in James Bond's missions
Fan Verdict - James Bond News at

Fan Verdict

Each month, a different James Bond film is selected for review, rating and discussion by the largest online community of 007 fans
Thunderball Soundtrack - James Bond News at

Thunderball Soundtrack

MI6 looks back at the history of John Barry's third James Bond soundtrack "Thunderball" and the two title theme songs
Felix Leiter - James Bond News at

Felix Leiter

MI6 profiles Rik Van Nutter, the third actor to play the role of James Bond's CIA contact Felix Leiter
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