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Mr. Hinx - James Bond News at

Mr. Hinx

Meet SPECTRE's fit, formidable and silent killer, played by Dave Bautista
Christopher Lee (1922-2015) - James Bond News at

Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Christopher Lee, Hammer Horror legend, cousin to Ian Fleming, and the Man With The Golden Gun has passed away age 93
Francisco Scaramanga - James Bond News at

Francisco Scaramanga

Sir Christopher Lee took Ian Fleming's villain from a thug of a killer to a sophisticated rival to James Bond in 'The Man With The Golden Gun'
Meet The Cast - Dave Bautista - James Bond News at

Meet The Cast - Dave Bautista

MI6 profiles Dave Bautista who will play the menacing henchman Mr. Hinx in the forthcoming 007 adventure, SPECTRE
Detlef Bothe Speaks - James Bond News at

Detlef Bothe Speaks

The German actor who played a significant role in the SPECTRE scenes set in Austria has spoken about the role and his casting
Louis Jourdan (1921-2015) - James Bond News at

Louis Jourdan (1921-2015)

Louis Jourdan who played the suave villain Kamal Kahn in 'Octopussy' has died at the age of 93
The Fate Of Mr. White - James Bond News at

The Fate Of Mr. White

A scene cut from the end of 'Quantum of Solace' has enabled Jesper Christensen to appear in SPECTRE and face 007 once more
SPECTRE - James Bond News at


Brush up on your knowledge of the villainous organisation ahead of the release of Bond's 24th screen adventure next year
SPECTRE Speculative (1) - James Bond News at

SPECTRE Speculative (1)

Guest writer David Leigh explains how revisiting Ian Fleming will help Blofeld escape the spectre of Dr Evil
Origins of SPECTRE - James Bond News at

Origins of SPECTRE

Guest writer Twan Arts inspects SPECTRE's uneasy birth and transition from screenplay to novel and back to screen
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