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About MI6
MI6 was founded in January 1998 to provide James Bond fans with the most definitive coverage of 007 on the web. Over the past eleven years, MI6 has become the world's most visited unofficial 007 site - famous for its groundbreaking news coverage, in-depth features, and huge archives. It is the only 007 website updated daily with both news and indepth content.

Its Forums has become the world's largest online community for Bond fans, with the highest members, most posts and most active discussion threads daily.


Over the past thirteen years, MI6 has been featured and sourced for articles in the following media Time Magazine, The Times, The Telegraph, USA Today, Reuters, The Sun, The Mirror, The Guardian, The Observer, The Daily Star and over 100 foreign language newspapers. Magazine include Empire, Total Film, Entertainment Weekly, PC Format, X-Box Magazine, PlayStation Gamer and many others. MI6 has also been consulted for Bond coverage on the following TV and Radio: BBC, ITV, MTV, Sky News, Teletext, RTL, and several UK commercial radio stations including 5 Live, Capital FM, BRMB and Ocean FM.

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MI6 takes pride in providing original and unique coverage of the world of 007. MI6 requests that any quotes, material, graphics or other media content used from MI6 on any website, article, or other media coverage is referenced to "". Acts of plagiarism and copyright theft will not be tolerated and actions may be taken by MI6 against the offending individuals, ISPs and webhosts.
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